Location: Art Basel 2013 Artist: Catherine Opie Emeralds 2012 Pigment Print 40 x 53.3 inches Regen Projects, L.A. California I was fascinating by the method of utilizing a soft focus photograph in a fine art context after stumbling upon this work by Catherine Opie. In this color photograph discrete in scale, the image produced […]

I was introduced to the work of Michael Murphy at context on Thursday at Context held in Midtown Miami. Although I preferred ARTmiami to context, the sculpture created by Murphy out of plastic army men, hot glue and steel has resonated with me from both of the shows. It is no secret to this class […]

Thursday marked the day that I was introduced to the Perez Art Museum in downtown Miami, the newest arrival to the Miami’s up and coming artist ‘scene’. We decide to go against tradition and rent bicycles in an effort to avoid the nightmare of traffic that the annual Art Basel brings to the city. Walking […]

Artwork on Violence in Colombia Too Dangerous for Art Fair in Miami. 4 mixed-media drawings were at the center of extreme controversy opening night at the Untitled fair in Miami when artist Camilo Restrepo combined a kitchen appliance to the works. The drug violence erupting in Colombia over the years but most notably during the […]

  Animals in a fine art context? This image is from a photographic series by Artist Alec Soth. Taken on location in Bogota, Columbia , the artist documented the city of his then newly adopted daughter’s birth. Completed in 2008, the images depict the hardness of the world through people, places, things and most notably […]

Amelie Segarra, a French ballerina along with art Javier Perez collaborate together in this performance art piece performed not on your traditional stage, the baby grand piano. The human condition and the symbolism surrounding the dance and the visual of knifes cutting into the top of the piano are incredible to imagine. I myself would […]

Israeli artist Eyal Gever layers two dimensional prints on layered glass panes creating a 3d sculpture replicating explosions. The careful ‘process of arrangement’ of layered glass is a central component to this work, also seen in Cornelia Parker’s suspended works discussed in Tuesdays (10/01/13) class.