I was introduced to the work of Michael Murphy at context on Thursday at Context held in Midtown Miami. Although I preferred ARTmiami to context, the sculpture created by Murphy out of plastic army men, hot glue and steel has resonated with me from both of the shows. It is no secret to this class or most people that know me that I come from a family with strong Christian convictions. The image depicted by artist Murphy is one that I have seen countless times but in more traditional methods such as paintings and marble sculptures. The detail of the objects stems from the large number of miniature toy soldiers, most of which are army green. Each figure is glued to one another creating a silhouette and/or contour of the highly recognized religious figure, Jesus Christ. The manner in which he is depicted is out of respect with an understated sarcasm. A reference to war and the religious crusades is an underlying narrative to an otherwise fun and clever work.Image

With a strong background in painting, sculpture, and installation works, MIchael Murphy is represented by Gallery nine5


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