Perez Art Museum : the week of Art Basel 2013

Thursday marked the day that I was introduced to the Perez Art Museum in downtown Miami, the newest arrival to the Miami’s up and coming artist ‘scene’. We decide to go against tradition and rent bicycles in an effort to avoid the nightmare of traffic that the annual Art Basel brings to the city.

Walking up to the museum, the geography of this space and the land it occupies is truly amazing. The greenery that is suspended from the rafters of the contemporary architecture is breathtaking in my humble opinion. Once entering the lobby it became apparent to me that I have never experienced a museum quite like this one in some time if ever. Patrons are immediately met with a challenge to the norms of perspective with Hew Locke’s ‘For Those in Peril on the Sea’ which is an installation of sailboats located on the ceiling of the entrance.  Polly Apfelbum works in an area opposite of the ceiling in her colorful work titled, Mojo Jojo, a series of dyed velvet pieces organized in a room overlooking Biscayne Bay.

The Perez Museum was the first time I was introduced to artist Ai Weiwei, but would not be my last as the week progressed. His installation on view was 680 stainless steel street units, Stacked, 2012. I experienced a sense of urgency after viewing his pieces, and the others I came across for the week. Do the wheels spin? This is a question that remains unanswered, even after Art Basel has concluded and the tents have been taken down.

1458437_1427396994157004_1420947400_n 1454668_1427397000823670_37355658_n 1460187_1427397160823654_323038874_n 1488093_1428694727360564_753917779_n


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